Jyotsna Krishnan

Managing Partner,
Elevar Equity

Jyotsna Krishnan is a Managing Partner at Elevar Equity, and a Co-Founder at Enmasse. 

Her admiration of the entrepreneurial spirit of underserved communities and households led her to join Elevar in 2011. At Elevar, Jyotsna leads the firm’s investment strategy and priorities in India. Jyotsna’s expertise in building core operational systems that scale, combined with her insightful fieldwork, has helped define and shape the Elevar Method of investing. 

Her vision to fuel the economic potential of Entrepreneurial Households through the delivery of high-quality, affordable services in core sectors such as agriculture, housing, MSME services, education, and healthcare, led her to co-found and lead the team at Enmasse. Through Enmasse, she aims to showcase the innovativeness and vibrancy of Entrepreneurial Households to the world of mainstream capital - by curating narratives, data, insights, and infrastructure for capital for Entrepreneurial Households.

With over twenty years of experience in growth equity, business finance, business intelligence, training and development, and distribution strategies in emerging markets, Jyotsna is a pivotal figure globally, when it comes to taking a commercial approach to impact investing. Her leadership across both Elevar and Enmasse underscores a personal, cross-functional commitment to reshaping perceptions about Entrepreneurial Households, globally. 

Before joining Elevar and Enmasse, Jyotsna held strategic roles at HSBC in India, where she worked in close collaboration with the bank’s leadership. Jyotsna graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, and completed her MBA at SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. She is also a Chartered Financial Analyst®.