Bala C Deshpande

Founder Partner,
MegaDelta Capital

Bala C Deshpande is the Founder Partner of MegaDelta Capital.  Of her 32 years of experience, Bala has over two decades of investing experience. She started her investing career as Director Investments in ICICI Venture in 2001 and in 2008 she joined NEA at a General Partner to set up and head their India Practice. She along with two partners co-founded MegaDelta Capital in 2018-19.  

MegaDelta Capital is a growth equity firm investing in Tech intensive and/or IP based businesses across consumer, healthcare, enterprise tech and disruptive services sectors. At MegaDelta, she is keen to back entrepreneurs who redefine markets, hack growth models to create lasting economic value. She is passionate about Technology and its far-reaching implications on markets, businesses and consumers and strongly believes that the next wave of large businesses will be created on the foundation of innovative Tech. 

Over the years, she has held close to 40 Board positions in companies across a wide spectrum of industries. Her experience as a Board member is also variegated in terms of size and stage from young, high involvement companies to large listed companies. She has played an instrumental role in shaping many innovative businesses and entrepreneurial journeys.  These include the first Internet IPO:, first 24-hour news channel: AAJ TAK, first Payment Tech company, several marquee consumer companies like and GOQii that have redefined the sector.

Prior to her investing experience, Bala has had deep operating experience with reputed multi-national firms such as ICI, Cadbury’s and BestFoods. She is a Management Graduate from Jamnalal Bajaj and has a Master’s degree in Economics.